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of the PTE Spark!



We look foward to bringing you exciting news and the latest information from the PTE world.

Bottom line – we are growing, and fast!  In 2012, we doubled in number of staff members and the first quarter of 2013 has been our best on record.

PTE is now an active member of Visit Orlando, attending networking events at least once a week as well as increasing our presence in organizations such as NACE and ISES.

We continue to expand our reach both locally and nationally including new partners in the trade show exhibit world and the endurance market.

Gear up for an awesome 2013 folks!  We are truly grateful to be in the trenches with you – let’s go create some awesome events!




Eric Rung

Director of Sales and Marketing


Meet: Rob O’brien



Rob O’Brien recently joined the PTE Team as National Accounts Manager bringing with him 19 years of production experience from Walt Disney World and 2 years of experience managing the wire-free LED brand of lighting instruments.

While Rob continues to champion the wire-free LED product line, his role has been expanded to include creating and managing extraordinary events for PTE’s elite clientele.

Fun Facts

  • Rob is a grill wizard (no seriously, the steaks he brings into the office are AMAZING!)
  • Rob is a top-notch Donald Duck impersonator
  • Rob has been trained well by his two Jack Russell Terriers, Max and Molly


Product Spotlight: Road Hog 4

RoadHog4Front_mdWe are pleased to add the brand new High End Systems Road Hog 4 to our show inventory.   It will also be available as  a cross rental item to our event partners as well!
Please contact for current pricing and availability.



Event Highlights


We are very thankful for the opportunity to provide production support for the Tavistock Gala 2013.


The Waldorf Astoria was a fantastic venue to host this tented corporate reception.  (Tent provided by Karl’s Event Services)


Transform the Peabody’s Windermere Ballroom into a “rave” – no problem!


Words from…

wire-free logo_trans DARK + PTE
As a new and rejuvenated brand, we thought it best to share who we are and what makes wire-free LED lighting instruments the leader in their market segment.


PTE Productions discovered that existing products from other companies did not meet the standards their management and clients demanded.  Made for DJ use or décor accent,  every fixture used fell short.  From need comes innovation; wire-free LED was born.

Wire-free LED’s “roots” are  in event production and the wire-free LED brand of lighting instruments solve real in-show problems while making everyone’s lives a little easier.


Until next time,
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