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Greetings PTE Family!

We are excited to announce that PTE Productions won the 2013 ISES Esprit Award for Best Technical Production!  Working on the Swan and Dolphin Holiday Lighting Show landed us among top three production companies out of a record number of submissions from 8 different countries.  Our fellow finalists, Digital Lighting out of Maryland and Warner Brothers Studios, had amazing submissions and we are honored to have been nominated with them.

PTE is also exhibiting at a couple of international shows this year:  The IAAPA Attractions Expo and The Rental Show.  At IAAPA, November 8th, we will be debuting our latest lighting and audio integration initiatives.  At ARA, February 9th, we will be showcasing the latest and greatest from PTE Productions and how we leverage wire-free LED’s groundbreaking technology.

We have welcomed two team members, collectively adding more than 40 years of event industry experience to PTE.  Lori Jessup, Production Coordinator, has produced and stage managed events for The Sunburst Convention, House of Blues, and Super Bowl.  Rick Climenhaga, Operations Manager, joins us from American Audio Visual and Disney.  Our team keeps getting bigger and stronger; our events bigger and better!


Eric Rung

Director of Sales and Marketing


Meet: Rebecca Abram



Rebecca Abram recently celebrated her one year anniversary with PTE Productions.  Rebecca joined us with 10 years of hospitality experience ranging from theme parks, restaurants, golf courses, hotels, and events to support her bachelor’s degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida.

As the Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca manages house account clients, fosters new relationships, and manages various digital marketing outlets.  Her marketing responsibilities also included writing and submitting PTE’s winning entry into the 2013 ISES Esprit Awards

Fun Facts

  • Rebecca gas just a touch of OCD when it comes to grammar and formatting
  • Rebecca can sing Happy Birthday in Swahili
  • Rebecca originally studied music performance – the flute and piccolo, to be exact


Product Spotlight: GrandMA2 Light

GrandMA2 LightWe have recently added a GrandMA2 (with or without Elo Touch Monitors) to our show inventory.  It will also be available as a cross rental item to our event partners!
Please contact for current pricing and availability.



Event Highlights: The Wharf


PTE Productions designed and installed a custom lighting show at The Wharf in Orange City, Alabama.


“Spectra” is an unexpected illumination show on The Wharf that runs three times nightly using numerous lighting effects.


In addition to “Spectra”, multiple shows have been created to highlight holidays and events.

“Patriotic” ran throughout July, and we are very excited about what is planned for the upcoming holiday season!


Words from…

wire-free logo_trans DARK + PTE
Did you know that wire-free LEDs can be used for more than just uplights?  WirelessDMX makes these fixtures incredibly versatile.


Here’s a neat trick to try at your next event: when placing DMX controlled lighting fixtures on truss (flown or ground supported) use a wire-free LED light fixture to transmit DMX signal from the console up to the lights!  This reduces labor on running bulky data cables, saves cable weight on those flown structures, and looks cleaner.


Until next time,
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