“Spectra” is 1 million lumens of light and 35,000 watts of sound on a 400-foot-long performance stage featuring soaring 40-foot palm trees that celebrate the rich history and enticing culture of Orange Beach, Alabama.  Delivered free of charge to 125,000 guests, “Spectra”, a multi-sensory, immersive entertainment experience capitalizing on lighting, audio, and special effects, portrays Americana at its finest with cutting-edge pageantry playing at the heart of The Wharf – a dual-tiered retail adventure.  “Spectra” was commissioned to brighten the “100 Days of Summer” seasonal event.

The Wharf was originally equipped with a low-budget PA system that played jazz-standard background music and used flickering halogen lighting.  The installation of “Spectra” allowed for the renovation of existing audio systems and an aesthetic overhaul of The Wharf.  Four types of theatrical moving-head light fixtures were partnered with video-mapped LED strings and haze effects to produce three nightly shows in the previously barren space.  Since the installation, the client has been able to integrate a roaming emcee performer along with additional strolling musical acts, and has booked large acts to fill the newly renovated performance space.


“Spectra” was a collaboration between technical experts and knowledgeable locals, ensuring Orange Beach’s essence was fully captured. Thrilling lights perfectly timed to each song mesmerized guests from start to finish. Specifically, “Spectra” depicted daily fun at Alabama Gulf Coast beaches, world-renowned fishing tournaments, and southern tradition. From thunderstorms to pirate attacks to a day at the beach, “Spectra” encompassed iconic aspects of Orange Beach’s history and future.