If you’ve ever had the embarrassing experience of hearing a business person talk about how solving a problem required a blue ocean look at how to leverage sympvertizing, but didn’t quite understand what they were saying, I can help. Read on to brush up your business speak and instantly elevate your knowledge base to expert status. Never again be back-burnered at a cocktail party or networking event. Let’s go!

In the eleventh hour, expertwith no time to grease the skids we need to jump in with both feet, locked and loaded. This brain dump will serve as a mission critical magic bullet, a pace setting game changer carefully crafted to move the needle of C-level buy-in. Take no chances to disincentivize the flavor of the month wordsmiths who know how to talk turkey with serial entrepreneurs up and down the food chain.

I’ve teed up an ecosystem of action items that qualify as best of breed, highly effective at the bleeding edge where the rubber meets the road. With no wiggle room for zombie projects and no time for walk trot run, this outside the box blue sky value add data point free initiative will realign core competencies with a one two punch! It’s a bifurcated market facing dog that won’t hunt, with critical mass, perfect for change management experts. The upshot of the upside requires triangulating the shotgun approach to gain traction with the gatekeepers. But, deploying this future proof, resource intensive, black box plan may require a unique value proposition with a mitigated yield loss vector. To guarantee a transformative wow I ramped up a spitball session and noodled in the white space, and now, proudly present this womb to tomb, turn-key solution that provides maximum bang for the buck. Do your due-diligence, then circle back with the boots on the ground change agents. Use hypertasking to efficiently peel back the onion of organizational DNA knowledge density. Eliminate the deadwood with a left handed compliment that recontextulizes their rubber stamped, vaporware in the cloud powered, smile and dial marketed, pump and dump silver bullet schemes. Finally, loop in the last man standing to give the lay of the land so he knows there’s no free lunch.

Or, you could just say that you work hard to deliver great products and services.