A new year, with new opportunities, 2015 is already shaping up to set new records of accomplishment, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.  My time “at the helm” has taught that revenue cannot be treated as a goal; it is an outcome.  The goals have to be new benchmarks for our products, market share, service level, industry buzz and innovation; these are the drivers of revenue.  And this approach is more complicated than the typical “we need to grow revenue 10%” style goals that many companies put in place each year.

It is on this foundation that I present our vision for 2015.

Be Outstanding.  This will always be the first pillar of our vision.  It sounds “marketing-y” but is in fact a key component of our success and growth.  And it’s hard.  Extremely difficult.  Sometimes even impossible.  Busy schedules, compromised client budgets, extenuating circumstances, work-life balance and a host of other reasons (excuses?) get in the way of 110% performance from everyone all the time.  But we will strive and we will continue to move beyond our previous accomplishments and continue to outperform the industry as a whole.

Take Ownership.  This is a new pillar and is reflective of ongoing operational maturity.  Taking ownership refers to a style of leadership and is required of everyone up and down the people chain.  It is seeing through to completion, at the level of outstanding, everything we do.  From cleaning a toilet to landing a new account, from managing a project to ongoing training and career development.  Taking ownership means enjoying our success and accepting responsibility for failure.  Then fixing it in pursuit of future successes.  It means looking inward during moments of challenge vs the temptation to “blame” outward.

Work Towards Outcomes.  Our pilgrimage towards working smarter.  From being selective with the tasks and jobs we choose to following projects through until completion, all work must be towards an outcome.  Success must be defined in advance and easily measured.  Efforts must contribute to achieving our goals and time “spent” must be treated like an investment that pays dividends.  It’s easy to be busy but it takes discipline to get across the finish line.

2015 we are ready for you!