In the next 7 days you can change everything.

I super-duper double dog dare you to take the next 7 days and measure everything you say and do against this simple question: Why does it matter? (Of course ask with purpose not cynicism!)

Some ideas cross so effortlessly between business, personal life, and everything in between that it’s almost embarrassing to not think of them sooner. “Why does it matter?” That question packs a punch with the power to knock you over.

Tempted to write on Facebook about pains in your goiter? Seriously, why does it matter? Do your friends and acquaintances really want to know about your goiter? If they actually, really do, then great, write your post but it’s more likely that everyone will think you’re just complaining and move on. You made no impact and contributed nothing of value. Your post and the time and effort to write it didn’t matter.

If you’re delivering a sales pitch or sending a newsletter or marketing piece that’s all about you and your company and your product but does not solve a problem or bring some type of unique value to the table, does any of it matter? If you spend all day, or month, or year working on something, with good but misguided efforts that result in no change, did any of that work matter? The truth is we often say and do things that matter to us but have little or no impact once the words escape our lips or the work is completed. Much of what we say and do doesn’t matter. Its sobering.

The moment of opportunity.

With such a simple metric, we can easily pivot, adjust, retool, reboot, or redirect to add value, create impact and deliver an outcome. Experiment until you find what works. Matter. If you haven’t eaten in three days and now we have a meeting scheduled where I want to talk with you about buying silverware, it doesn’t matter. All you want is some food. But if I pivot and bring you a sandwich then talk about how I can prevent you from starving in the future, that matters. It has impact, delivers value and changes an outcome. Once the hunger problem is solved, maybe in the future we can talk about silverware and how to take your eating experience up a notch.

The question forces us to look outwards at other people, their needs and their circumstances. The question forces us to look into the future and consider what does and does not deliver outcomes and real change. The question forces us to look at ourselves and consider efficacy, performance, strategy and delivered results. Are we being an effective leader, spouse, employee? Do we matter?

Challenge yourself.

If you are doing everything right then kudos! If not, then make some changes. Make sure you matter! Be impactful, deliver results, do whatever it takes to matter.

7 days, that’s all I ask. Try it and leave your comments.